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Portraits of Dawn, Passion, and Renaissance

Every born concept has an origin from which it came. Hence, when the last day of the year becomes the past as midnight strikes, January arises, and the resurgence of a new chapter begins.

Portraits of Blossomy, Progression, and Brilliance

From time to time the beauty of our disposition encourages a fiery need of wanting to know the profundity of what we find provoking on the mental landscape.

Portraits of Splendor, Dignity, and Cultivation

The world of stories, poems, and pictures have always ignited the acuity of the mind to think beyond the norm; ruminating our enthused thoughts outside of mental confinement.

Portraits of Obscurity, Loyalty, and Achievement

When something rises from an origin, in due time it will soon fall to its end. The exceptional conclusion to the Prose and Rhythms series will come full circle with the fourth and final installment entitled, Prose and Rhythms: Portraits of Obscurity, Loyalty, and Achievement.

Welcome to R. Johnson

Writer of Life

R. Johnson is a wordsmith in creative writing. As a fan of literature and film, he always treasured insightful poems, entertaining stories and intriguing characters. This attraction led him to the literary genres of fantasy, adventure, science fiction, and thriller where he creates his own unique works of poetry and fiction. His debut anthology, Prose and Rhythms: Portraits of Dawn, Passion, and Renaissance, is set to release soon.


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